Food Security
What is happening in the UK?
Let's see England for example, is there any trace of
food insecurity in a country where nearly
2/3 of men and women are
obese or overweight?

Percentage of people obese or overweight in England (1993-2014)
Source: Health Survey for England, 2011 and 'noo.org.uk'
In 2014, Food prices and Food waste were
on the top 3 of the biggest concerns with food issues in the UK.

51% - concerned about prices.
45% - concerned about waste.
Source: Food Statistics Pocketbook 2014

All part of the food security problematic...
but what exactly is Food Security?
As a concept, Food security exists
when there's physical and economic access to sufficient safe and nutritious food.
Source:World Food Summit, 1996.
It is measured in 4 different parameters:
AVAILABILITY :the amount of calories available from agriculture and production.
ACCESS :getting hold of the production.
UTILISATION :the use given to it.
STABILITY :the consistency of factors along time and place.
Average value of food production (£ per capita) from 1990 to 2012
Comparing the UK and the average for developed countries.Hover the graph for more.
The UK is the seventh richest country in the world, but it has a relatively low production of food value.
This happens because 40% of the UK food is imported due to comparative advantage.
Source:Below the Breadline and Defra
However...Just because we have a lot of food doesn't mean we can actually eat it.
Rising food prices and static or lowering public income
lead to a preoccupying lack of access to food inside our country...
UK Food prices in real terms and Income after housing costs
Source: Food Statistics Pocketbook 2014
Food banks are a symptom:

Number of TrussellTrust Fund food bank openings.
Source: TrussellTrust Fund, 2014
TrussellTrust Fund ,one of the biggest food bank networks, has currently around
400 banks running in the UK.
Nationwide, counting with other organisations and charities there are 1000.

25 new per hour.
The number of households accessing Trussell Trust
food banks rose from

25,899 in 2008-09 to
913,138 in 2013-14.
That's 600 new people per
24 hours.
In 2012/13 13 million meals were given to people in food poverty by the three main food aid providers.
That's equivalent to one meal per every person
in Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
In 2013/14 there was a 54 percent increase to 20,247,042 meals.
Source: Trussell Trust, 2015 and Below the Breadline
In the UK, according to TrussellTrust Fund, from a total population of 64 million

people live below the poverty line in the UK.

That's 1 in 5 people.

Besides of this... The food utilisation is not the best as we have

Poor food choices:
Fruit and vegetable consumption is falling.

Alarming amounts of waste:
We throw away 4.2 million tonnes of food and drink from
our homes every year in the UK we could have eaten.
That's worth £12.5 billion and could've fed
7640 people with 3 meals a day.

Food waste report shows UK families throw away 24 meals a month.
Source: Wrap Report 2012
When it comes to stability, there are some concerns as well:
besides social inequality and limited available resources (food, water, land),
POPULATION GROWTH is threatning the availability of food and burdening systems of production.

Population growth (annual % change) for the UK and Europe between 2000-2013.

The number of people in the UK has risen by five million over the past 12 years,
growing faster than anywhere else in Europe.
Source: www.ons.gov.uk
Do you think we are food safe?



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